HP Incubator Proposals for Microsoft "Stack" Support

Chip Childers <cchilders@...>


HP is proposing a sizable donation of code into the Cloud Foundry
Foundation's incubation program. This represents a collection of projects
that together provide support for a full stack of Microsoft technologies
for Cloud Foundry. This includes a Visual Studio Extension, MS Buildpack,
.NET SDK for the Cloud Controller API, Windows-based DEAs and a SQL Server
service broker implementation.

Gert Drapers (from HP) and I have been working with Mark Kropf, Mike
Dalessio and several members of the Greenhouse incubating project to plan
out how we can accept this into the incubator, as well as working with HP
on a plan to onboard their engineering team via the Dojo program.

I've grouped each repository that is being proposed for donation into the
applicable PMC and noted what project (existing or new) would manage the

Comments are welcome, and we will be working with each PMC directly to
ensure consensus.

*Runtime PMC*

These two repositories would land in the existing Greenhouse incubating
project, and HP engineers will join that project via the Dojo program.
While this implementation is an alternative to the approach that is
currently being taken by the Greenhouse project, it is implemented for the
DEA architecture (vs. Diego). The work of the expanded Greenhouse project
will be to rationalize the multiple approaches and determine what the
combined architectural path will be for the future.

Windows Prison (isolation code)

Windows Extensions (WinDEA for CFv2)

Additionally, there are two build packs being donated, which will (for now)
incubate within the runtime PMC’s Greenhouse project. The goal would be to
move these to the Buildpacks PMC at the same time that the Greenhouse work
moves from incubating to active.

Core build pack used by the DEA (Windows Extensions)
https://github.com/hpcloud/hp-buildpack-iis8, we should rename this to
cf-iis8-buildback or cf-buildpack-iis8

Static Windows executable build pack

*Services PMC*

The SQL Server service broker proposed below would be a new incubating
project for the Services PMC. HP engineers would be the initial committers
for this project within the Services PMC. We will work to identify the
appropriate project lead for the new incubating project.

Microsoft SQL Server Service Broker (v2 broker written in go)

*Utilities PMC*

The .NET SDK and and Visual Studio Extension / MSBuild Tasks projects would
be two new incubating projects within the Utilities PMC, similar to how we
have the Java Tools and Eclipse Plugin projects today. HP engineers would
be the initial committers for these projects within the Utilities PMC. We
will work to identify the appropriate project lead for the new incubating


CF Visual Studio Extension
https://github.com/hpcloud/cf-vs-extension-wpf will be renamed to

CF MSBuild Tasks


Chip Childers | Technology Chief of Staff | Cloud Foundry Foundation