Automating minor stemcell releases

Saikiran Yerram


We will now automatically release minor versions of CF Deployment for every new minor stemcell version bump.

Why we are doing this
CF users want to upgrade their foundation as soon as bosh stemcell versions are available in CF-deployment. However, the bosh stemcell bumps are packaged with unrelated changes and scheduled as part of regular release cycles. If there are any new stemcell updates (including CVE fixes), users will have to wait for the next release even if it might include other component updates. If any change results in a build failure at any stage in the pipeline, a stemcell update might be blocked until unrelated changes are fixed.

Furthermore, a minor stemcell bump can be packaged with a major version cf-deployment release with component related breaking changes. This forces cf users to either perform a major upgrade just to get the latest stemcell version or run the risk of falling behind.

The Release Integration team will release a cf-deployment minor release with just one single change - minor stemcell bump - as soon as a new stemcell is available, so cf users can stay up to date with the latest stemcell (and not worry about other unrelated changes). Version 12.3.0 is one such example.


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