planned end of life for cloudfoundry-incubator/efs-volume-release

Hjortshoj, Julian <Julian.Hjortshoj@...>

Hi Folks,

The Cloud Foundry Volume Services team is planning to migrate efs-volume-release and its submodules from the cloudfoundry-incubator github org into cloudfoundry-attic.  This will help us to free up our limited resources to deliver on upcoming roadmap items.

The code will continue to be available from cloudfoundry-attic, but we will stop testing it against new versions of cf-deployment, and cease all maintenance commits.  We plan to make this change in one month's time, on Friday September 20th.

The Volume Services team welcomes any feedback you might have regarding this planned EOL.  We can be reached in the #cf-volume-services channel of cf slack, or via email at cf-diego-persistence@...

-Julian Hjortshoj