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Warren, Paul <Paul.Warren@...>

You should take a look at CloudFoundry's Volume Service feature.  This feature allows you to bind NFS, or SMB volumes into your application containers.  

You may also want to take a look at Spring Content.  A project that allows you to quickly and easily create headless Content Services (with Spring Boot if you would like) for managing unstructured data such as; images, documents and movies, in any of a number of different types of storage including the filesystem (that you would use with the Volume Service feature).

You can reach out to the Volume Service team on slack #cf-persistence



Please advise on the best approach to specify an external directory folder for use by springboot application to store business data (such as images).  The following attempt to do so far did not work:  By adding it to the User Provided JAVA_OPTS Environment Variable (using the syntax:  -cp /myfoo ).  This did not work because PCF start command adds an additional -cp entry with the $PWD present working directory that appears to override (and mask) the user provided value of /myfoo.