istio-release 1.2.0

Wa Gao


We have cut istio-release 1.2.0. With this release in addition to weighted routing, we now support envoys sidecars configured by Istio Pilot for app to app communication. We also have support for client-side load balancing, retries and timeouts for app to app communication. We are working on the docs to run the book-info app on CF and will keep you posted. 

The release highlights include the following features. 

  • app developers can rely on the platform to provide timeouts for app to app communication, timeout default is currently set to 15s and not modifiable details
  • istio-release versioning now uses semver versions and not the whole number versions details
  • performance improvement to allow operators to run many apps by temporarily disabling stats logging (reduces envoy RAM consumption) details
  • we have now added a Contributing section to istio-release details
  • fix issue with retries such that application developers can rely on the platform to provide retries for app to app communication details
  • performance and security: only internal routes are published to sidecar envoys and external routes to the envoy gateway details
  • Copilot uses new MCP details
  • Changed pilot to use role~ip~id~dns.domain for the Envoy service node field details
  • operator can set spec property for pilot_log_level details
  • Bump istio to 1.1 in istio-release details
  • developer can see traffic equally distributed when they map an internal route to three apps on the same port details
  • operators can specify the DNS address of the MCP Client Pilot connects to details