Unconference: Reminder, and CFT (Call For Trivia)

Daniel Jones

Hi folks,

A reminder that the CF Summit Unconference is happening on Monday April 1st (no joke!) at 6PM local time. There'll be a few talks, a lot of open spaces, free beer and food.

The Cloud Foundry Pub Quiz will also be making its North American debut, after a couple of successful instances at CF Summit Europe.

This does however leave me with the herculean task of having to dig up even more Cloud Foundry trivia to make questions out of. Last time I scraped the barrel so hard that I ended up with splinters (slivers, for my American chums). You'd be amazed at the things I now know about clouds and foundries. Did you know that a peen hammer is a thing?

I'd be really grateful if any of you can help me with content for the quiz. If you know any obscure history or trivia about Cloud Foundry, I'd be very thankful to read it. If you've been caught out by a 'gotcha', or found a common misconception about how CF and ecosystem tools work, I'd love to know.

In return I can offer the thanks of a moustachioed man, free hugs, a beverage of your choice, and/or the chance of having a question you know the answer to in the quiz and thus an unfair competitive advantage.

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