CF CLI v6.42.0 Released Today

Magesh Kumar Murali <mmurali@...>

Hey everyone,

The CF CLI team released cf CLI v6.42.0 today; please see release notes for full details.

Highlights Include

Space to Space Policy story

Supports a Container to Container feature for cf add-network-policy to enable adding network policies between spaces. Changes include:

  • -o and -s flags have been added to the cf add-network-policy and the cf remove-network-policycommands to support adding network policies to a specific organization and space
  • the cf network-policies table output has been updated with additional columns to indicate destination space and destination org


  • Users on versions of CC API lower than 3.56.0 may experience some latency due to the fact that the CC API did not support the guids filter param (which we require to display destination org and destination space in cf network policies. Users on versions of CC API greater than 3.56.0 should not experience latency issues.
  • This release includes changes to existing output to specify the destination app.

Services-related Refactors

Important Note:

We've discovered that for commands we've refactored previously, the CLI started incorrectly allowing for additional arguments to be passed in commands, which are silently ignored. Moving forward, if you provide additional arguments to a command, the command will fail with a meaningful message. We plan on making a global change in a future major release of the CLI. details

In order to prepare for a upcoming service-related feature, the Services API team in London refactored the following commands.

  • cf create-service story
  • cf disable-service-access story

User-facing changes include:

Updating output where necessary and flavor text to promote consistently as described in our style guide

Minor Enhancements

  • updated cf restage help text and the first line in the command's output to indicate that using this command will cause app downtime story
  • updated the cf bind-route-service help text to clarify usage instructions story
  • improved an error message for cf create-service-boker to be more helpful when the CC API returns a 502due to an invalid service broker catalog
  • upgraded to Golang 1.11.4 story
  • added a short name ue for cf unset-env story
  • updated cf marketplace command to include a new broker column to prepare for a upcoming services-related feature which will allow services to have the same name as long as they are associated with different service brokers story


  • fix for cf enable-service-access -p plan whereby when we refactored the code in CLI v6.41.0 it created service plan visibilities as part of a subsequent run of the command (the unrefactored code skipped creating the service plan visibilities); now the command will skip creating service plan visibilities as it did prior to the refactor story
  • updated the cf rename-buildpack help text which was missing reference to the -s stack flag story
  • updated help text for when users use brew search cloudfoundry-cli story
  • now when you run cf service service-instance for a route service, the route service url appears in the key value table story

Plugin Updates

  • Updated MySqlTools to v0.7.0 story
  • Updated CF Dev to v0.0.13 story

Contributors: Thomas Viehman, Jennifer Spinney, Will Murphy, Magesh Kumar Murali, Abby Chau, SAPI Team (Big thanks to the SAPI team for providing the services-related refactors, along with some services-related bug fixes), Container to Container Networking Team (huge thanks for providing the pull requests for the C2C feature)

Note: The minimum version of the CC API this CF CLI release is compatible with is CC API v2.100.0. See our minimum supported version policy for more information.