Need feedback: Contributor activity at CF Summit NA

Swarna Podila

Dear Cloud Foundry Contributors,
Some of the community folks suggested hosting a contributor specific set of activities at Cloud Foundry Summit in April at Philadelphia.  We think that this is a great suggestion and would love to organize activities that bring more value to contributors.

Please share your feedback on the following (and add anything else you can think of) that will help us make this a valuable event at Summit:
  • Format: what approach would be the most valuable for this engagement -- for example, a dedicated room during break times (so it doesn't conflict with breakout talks) for a moderated discussion on specific topics -- would be the most effective
  • Topics: what topics would be of interest to contributors, to end users that would like to meet the contributors, and to everyone in the community? 
Or, if there is any other feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

Thank you.

-- Swarna Podila (she/her)
, Community
 | Cloud Foundry Foundation

You can read more about pronouns here, or please ask if you'd like to find out more.