Metric Drains - A New Way for App Developers to Monitor their Containers #loggregator

Adam Hevenor

In service to our mission of providing all users of Cloud Foundry observability of their systems the Loggregator team is excited to offer a new feature for App Developers to use external monitoring tools for monitoring their applications without the need for FIrehose scope. This is accomplished by the use of User Provided Syslog Drains and a new CLI Plugin and we have called the new feature Metric Drains.  

Leveraging the user provided abstraction as well as the tcp based syslog:// protocol is a powerful tool for streaming data off the platform. We have plans to support more data and logs for streaming to app developers this way as well potentially other streaming formats. We'd love your feedback and ideas on either of these. 

A special thanks to several community members that originally suggested and voted for this feature on our github repo!

This feature still requires opt in at this time. To utilize this feature you'll need cf-deployment 1.9+ and to set the scalablesyslog.adapter.metrics_to_syslog_enabled feature flag on the cf-syslog-drain deployment.