Re: UAA: How to set client_credentials token grant type to not expire

Paul Bakare

Thanks again Filip.

However, here's what I mean,

If I set the access_token_validity to 315569260, I'm expecting the token
when decoded to read exp: 315569260. If this is not, then is it possible to
set the token expiry time?

line 906 sets the value to 1438209609 when the token is decoded and I
believe that's what the check_token service also checks.
expirationTime*1000l occurs after the token has been decoded (whose exp
value is set to 1438209609)

Now the question is why do you have to do expirationTime*1000l since the
token when decoded originally set's this value to 1438209609 (without *

Except I'm completely getting this all wrong?

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