Re: Buildpack deployment in cflinuxfs3 stack for AWS

Conner UK, Jim

At my place of work, we have concourse jobs which sends us messages on our MS Teams channel whenever a new release appears. Maybe this will be useful for someone else too.


Here’s some sanitised snippets from our release-notification-pipeline.




- name: java-buildpack-release

  type: github-release


    user: cloudfoundry

    repository: java-buildpack

    release: true

    access_token: ((github_token))


- name: notify-new-java-buildpack-releases


  - do:

    - in_parallel:

      - get: release-notifications-pipeline

      - get: release-repo

        resource: java-buildpack-release


          globs: [notthisthing] # because we only want to watch for tag changes & data, not the release tgz itself (proxy won't allow download of it)

        trigger: true

    - task: check-versions


        platform: linux


        - name: release-notifications-pipeline

        - name: release-repo


          type: docker-image


            repository: ((any_docker_image_which_has_curl_and_jq))

            tag: latest


          path: cf-deployment-notifications/


        RELEASE_NAME: java-buildpack

        TEAMS_WEBHOOK_URL: ((ms_teams_webhook_url))

    timeout: 15m



.. and the source for the script.





set -e


if [[ -f "release-repo/body" ]]; then

  split --line-bytes=7500 release-repo/body release-repo/release-body-


  for file in $(find release-repo -name "release-body-*" | sort )


    request_body=$(jq -n --arg body "$(cat "${file}")" --arg title "New $RELEASE_NAME $(cat release-repo/version) release" '{title: $title, text: $body}')

    curl -if -X POST --data "${request_body}" -k "${TEAMS_WEBHOOK_URL}"

    rm "${file}"



  request_body=$(jq -n --arg body "The author was too lazy to add a release note" --arg title "New $RELEASE_NAME $(cat release-repo/version) release" '{title: $title, text: $body}')

  curl -if -X POST --data "${request_body}" -k "${TEAMS_WEBHOOK_URL}"







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Subject: Re: [cf-dev] Buildpack deployment in cflinuxfs3 stack for AWS


Hi Carlos, The release notes for the classical Cloud Foundry Node.js Buildpack are in GitHub : These need to be read regularly by a human for taking action when necessary, like when

Hi Carlos,


The release notes for the classical Cloud Foundry Node.js Buildpack are in GitHub :

These need to be read regularly by a human for taking action when necessary, like when some language versions are discontinued.


For newer Paketo buildpacks, I’ve raised some similar concern in the Paketo Slack last year:


What we would need is a way for buildpack consumers like us, to build automation (in Concourse or anything similar) that warns the correct people in the enterprise for taking action when some Buildpack is discontinuing some language version. I don’t know if there has been any progress on this since last year.




Le 4 août 2022 à 10:54, Delgado, Carlos via <> a écrit :


Hello team,


I am interested to know about communications whenever a new buildpack is deployed and available in AWS cflinuxfs3 stack, in order to adapt our projects timely fashion, I am interested in Nodejs buildpack in particular, since a new version has been released recently that removed Node 12 and affected our deployments.


Do you know by any chance if such communication exists?


Many thanks,




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