#cf Proposal to use modern and more efficient VM sizes on all IaaSes #cf

David Stevenson

Hi CF community! I have a proposal to use modern & more efficient VM types on CF, more suitable for testing and CI workloads, and I'd love feedback on it:

Some impacts to highlight, if this rolls out as-in:
  • New bbl up runs will switch to the new VM sizes automatically for CF-d, Jumpbox-D, and BOSH-d
    • Existing envs that do not re-run BBL up will not change
    • If you want the old machine sizes, you'll have to run an older bbl version or customize your cloud config yourself (we expect production instances of CF to tune their VM sizes anyway!)
  • A full CF/BOSH/Jumpbox deployment is about 70% cheaper! Using some IaaS commitments, you can now run a default deployment for ~$420/mo!
  • If you purchase Reserved/Committed Instances (and re-run bbl or create a new env), you'll end up using new VM types that might not be utilized
  • I've standardized the meaning of the handful VM types used in BOSH-D and CF-D, and tried to provide a similar amount of resources on all 3 IaaSes.
    • Azure used to be 56GB diego cells, GCP was 26GB 🙄
  • We'd end up using a lot of burstable VM types on GCP, AWS, and Azure. This is intentional and has been validated to work.
I've been trying to do infrastructure budgeting for running more CF testing and CI using CF Foundation GCP and AWS accounts, and I realized we need to reduce that spend before much of it could reasonably fit in the CFF budget. I'm going to move ahead with this sometime next week if there's no interesting feedback to address, so that we can do CFF IT budgeting effectively.

-David Stevenson
CFF TOC member / VMWare Tech Lead

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