Re: SIG Meeting: Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes updates

Krannich, Bernd

Hi Andrew,


Thank you very much for volunteering to take over the SIG call and broadening it according to the new working group setup – highly appreciated!





Bernd Krannich

SAP Technology & Innovation


Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16, 69190 Walldorf, Germany




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From: cf-dev@... <cf-dev@...> on behalf of Andrew Wittrock <awittrock@...>
Date: Tuesday, 5. October 2021 at 02:17
To: cf-dev@... <cf-dev@...>
Subject: [cf-dev] SIG Meeting: Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes updates

Hello everyone! I’m sharing some news regarding the SIG Meeting: Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes. First of all, a huge thanks to Bernd Krannich, who has been running the meetings. He expressed interest in having someone carry the torch forward, and I have volunteered to do so. Starting tomorrow, October 5, 2021, I’ll be leading the meetings in that time slot.


Additionally, we have some changes in format. I’d like to expand the meeting beyond a focus on the cf-for-k8s project to include all CF on Kubernetes projects. It would be great to have the people working in this space come together to ensure we can build useful products for each other. To that end, we are drafting a proposal for a new Working Group to oversee the development of the new cf-k8s API and controllers as the latest approach for a CF experience deeply integrated with Kubernetes. We envision that that group could even take over this meeting’s time slot for its periodic public discussion forum, should it be approved.


Please join us at one of the biweekly meetings! The floor is pretty much open, but we’ll be discussing the current nascent cf-k8s-api and cf-k8s-controllers projects as we build out a more Kubernetes-native CF experience.


- Andrew

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