Re: Cloudfoundry deployment error on vanilla Openstack Wallaby cloud #cf

Chris L

I was reading up on the neutron LBaaS deprecation and wondering if that is an issue here.  I thought the policy was to support the latest 3 openstack versions….  Could that be the issue? Cloudfoundry does not support Octavia and thus wouldent support anything after Queens?  I guess I could try deploying as Kubernetes…


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Subject: Re: [cf-dev] Cloudfoundry deployment error on vanilla Openstack Wallaby cloud #cf

I don’t think the Octavia endpoints are the same as the old Neutron lbaas ones were.


:path          => "/v2.0/lbaas/pools"

''OpenStack API NotFound Expected(200) <=> Actual(404 Not Found)


The API docs for Octavia seem to indicate that the path would be /v2/lbaas (rather than /v2.0)


I’ve no idea how to fix the issue, but I think that explains why the error is happening.







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Date: Thursday, 2 September 2021 at 14:40
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Subject: [cf-dev] Cloudfoundry deployment error on vanilla Openstack Wallaby cloud #cf



I am receiving this error while attempting to deploy Cloudfoundry on a vanilla Openstack Wallaby cloud:

[2021-09-02T01:29:55.856730 #882] [task:40] DEBUG -- DirectorJobRunner: (0.001265s) (conn: 47027669444740) INSERT INTO "events" ("parent_id", "timestamp", "user", "action", "object_type", "object_name", "error", "task", "deployment", "instance", "context_json") VALUES (342, '2021-09-02 01:29:55.852077+0000', 'admin', 'update', 'deployment', 'cf', 'CPI error ''Bosh::Clouds::CloudError'' with message ''OpenStack API NotFound Expected(200) <=> Actual(404 Not Found)


  :body          => "{\"NeutronError\": {\"type\": \"HTTPNotFound\", \"message\": \"The resource could not be found.\", \"detail\": \"\"}}"

  :cookies       => [


  :headers       => {

    "content-length"            => "103"

    "content-type"              => "application/json"

    "date"                      => "Thu, 02 Sep 2021 01:29:32 GMT"

    "strict-transport-security" => "max-age=31536000;"

    "x-openstack-request-id"    => "req-fbfa7aa1-1f13-46c6-8385-5f0fde847b08"


  :host          => ""

  :local_address => ""

  :local_port    => 45952

  :path          => "/v2.0/lbaas/pools"

  :port          => 9696

  :reason_phrase => "Not Found"

  :remote_ip     => ""

  :status        => 404

  :status_line   => "HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found\r\n"


Check task debug log for details.'' in ''create_vm'' CPI method (CPI request ID: ''cpi-184472'')', '40', 'cf', NULL, '{"before":{"releases":["loggregator-agent/6.3.3","metrics-discovery/3.0.6","bpm/1.1.13","bosh-dns-aliases/0.0.4","bosh-dns/1.29.0","binary-buildpack/1.0.39","capi/1.112.0","cf-networking/2.38.0","cf-smoke-tests/41.0.2","cflinuxfs3/0.251.0","credhub/2.9.0","diego/2.51.0","dotnet-core-buildpack/2.3.32","garden-runc/1.19.29","go-buildpack/1.9.34","java-buildpack/4.41","loggregator/106.6.0","nats/40","nginx-buildpack/1.1.30","r-buildpack/1.1.20","nodejs-buildpack/1.7.57","php-buildpack/4.4.44","pxc/0.37.0","python-buildpack/1.7.43","routing/0.221.0","ruby-buildpack/1.8.43","silk/2.38.0","staticfile-buildpack/1.5.24","statsd-injector/1.11.16","uaa/75.6.0","log-cache/2.11.1","cf-cli/1.32.0"],"stemcells":["bosh-openstack-kvm-ubuntu-xenial-go_agent-raw/621.125"]},"after":{"releases":["loggregator-agent/6.3.3","metrics-discovery/3.0.6","bpm/1.1.13","bosh-dns-aliases/0.0.4","bosh-dns/1.29.0","binary-buildpack/1.0.39","capi/1.112.0","cf-networking/2.38.0","cf-smoke-tests/41.0.2","cflinuxfs3/0.251.0","credhub/2.9.0","diego/2.51.0","dotnet-core-buildpack/2.3.32","garden-runc/1.19.29","go-buildpack/1.9.34","java-buildpack/4.41","loggregator/106.6.0","nats/40","nginx-buildpack/1.1.30","r-buildpack/1.1.20","nodejs-buildpack/1.7.57","php-buildpack/4.4.44","pxc/0.37.0","python-buildpack/1.7.43","routing/0.221.0","ruby-buildpack/1.8.43","silk/2.38.0","staticfile-buildpack/1.5.24","statsd-injector/1.11.16","uaa/75.6.0","log-cache/2.11.1","cf-cli/1.32.0"],"stemcells":["bosh-openstack-kvm-ubuntu-xenial-go_agent-raw/621.125"]}}') RETURNING *

I do have the Octavia project installed and a loadbalancer is created and running.  I use the terraform script here to prepare the Openstack cloud for cloudfoundry:

This creates a loadbalancer, security groups, networks, etc.

It completes successfully and I do see the cf-lb loadbalancer created, running, in active state, and a whole lot of ports and pools that exist under it.  I then execute the BOSH deploy of cloudfoundry using this repo:

My deployment line looks like this:

runuser -l stack -c  "cd /opt/stack; \
                  bbl print-env -s /opt/stack > /tmp/; \
                  chmod 700 /tmp/; \
                  source /tmp/; \
                  bosh -d cf deploy -o /tmp/cf-deployment/operations/use-external-blobstore.yml \
                  -o /tmp/cf-deployment/operations/use-swift-blobstore.yml \
                  -o /tmp/cf-deployment/operations/openstack.yml \
                  -o /tmp/cf-deployment/operations/scale-to-one-az.yml \
                  -o /tmp/cf-deployment/operations/use-compiled-releases.yml \
                  --vars-store /tmp/vars/deployment-vars.yml \
                  /tmp/cf-deployment/cf-deployment.yml \
                  -v system_domain=
                  -v auth_url=https://
                  -v openstack_project=cloudfoundry \
                  -v openstack_domain=default \
                  -v openstack_username=
                  -v openstack_password=
                  -v openstack_temp_url_key=
                  -v app_package_directory_key=app_package_directory \
                  -v buildpack_directory_key=buildpack_directory \
                  -v droplet_directory_key=droplet_directory \
                  -v resource_directory_key=resource_directory \

Is there anything anyone could see as to what would cause the error at the beginning of the post?  I can get any other logs that would help, I could grant access to the env, anything that would give anyone an idea.

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