CF on K8s Update

Angela Chin

Hi cf-dev,

Earlier this year, leadership from IBM, SAP, and VMware shared a new Vision for CF on K8s document and discussed it with the community. Since then, our group of engineers at VMware and SAP have been exploring what it would take to support this vision. We have been engaging in the CF on K8s SIG meetings to discuss future technical direction and spiking out a proof-of-concept to support the core cf push workflow using Kubernetes-native concepts, which you can view here

We are excited to share that we have finished the proof-of-concept and have recorded a demo video to illustrate. Additionally, we have written a high-level summary of the current architecture and have opened a PR for an initial set of CF CRDs. All of this work is being actively tracked in the CF on K8s Github project. We are looking to engage a larger swath of the community in our efforts, and would appreciate any and all contributions to this effort :) If you're interested in contributing to this effort, please join us in the new #cf-k8s-dev channel in the CF Slack!

As a result of devoting development resources to accelerate this new vision and technical architecture for CF on K8s, we have decided to pause our contributions to the cf-for-k8s project. It is now in a position where it is stable and demonstrates the promise of the CF developer experience on top of Kubernetes. We anticipate future development to consist of only a small amount of regular maintenance to keep up to date with the latest versions of some of the dependencies it incorporates, such as Istio and kpack. We recently updated to the latest version of Istio but would appreciate additional community assistance in maintaining cf-for-k8s as we focus on bootstrapping the new CF on K8s architecture and reference deployments. We expect this activity to happen in the App Runtime Deployments working group that is forming under the new CFF technical governance structure.

- Angela Chin, on behalf of the cf-for-k8s and Eirini maintainers

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