CFF TOC Election Starting

Chip Childers <cchilders@...>


The list of eligible voters for our TOC election has been finalized, and an initial instruction has been sent to the best available email address that we have in our systems for all eligible voters. If you are listed in the file, but did not receive your initial registration instructions, please reach out to me privately.

Unless we experience major technical or logistical issues, the election will run from now, until June 15th. That said, I ask that the community bear with us as we go through this first election cycle and sort out the processes. :)

The following individuals are listed as eligible voters, but I have been unable to determine their email addresses in our various systems. If anyone is able to provide me with their email addresses, please reply to me privately at cchilders@....

"Mo Sahihi Benis","SAP"
"Sebastian Vollath","SUSE"
"Shannon Coen","VMware"
"Sven Krieger","SAP"
"Urse Searle","VMware"
"Valentin Velkov","SAP"
"Yaron Parasol","VMware"
"Visarg Soneji","SAP"

Chip Childers
Executive Director
Cloud Foundry Foundation

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