Re: On boarding of a new CF system build pack for Rust

Dr Nic Williams <drnicwilliams@...>

Skipping the question of “core buildpacks” which is a good one but I can’t answer it.

I can point you to two paths for authoring Buildpacks, depending on which CF your using.

Newer CF/kubernetes CF uses Paketo buildpacks which are implementations of the Cloud Native Buildpacks project — the latter page has a tutorial for creating a buildpack; and the former is a collection of buildpacks. If you want your Rust buildpack to be “core” one day, cargo cult the core team/paketo team’s buildpacks rather than implement yours from scratch.

If you’re on an older CF, and using the older buildpacks then yes you can create a Rust buildpack, but it will never be included in “core” — the core team/paketo team is solely working on the new set of buildpakcs above. I wrote some tutorials for creating the older buildpacks; but I hesitate to recommend them since they are “the old way” :)

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