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Daniel Jones

Hi Lukas,

The challenge you face is that the PostgreSQL instance that is visible in `cf services` may not be accessible directly from your workstation. It might not even be running in Cloud Foundry - CF doesn't actually know how to create a PostgreSQL instance, and instead asks a 'service broker' to create an instance.

Luckily the fine people at UK Government Digital Services made a CLI plugin that may help:

Presumably this tool connects from your workstation to an app instance, and then connects to the PostgreSQL instance from there. You should be able to use whatever client you like using this tunnel.

I'd invite you to think about the use case you have, and whether you really should be connecting to the database from your workstation. I can imagine it being useful for debugging, and I can also imagine it being dangerous in a production environment for security/privacy/stability reasons.

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On Tue, 30 Mar 2021 at 15:47, <lukas.klein@...> wrote:

Hello together,

is there an How-To install phpPGAdmin on my local client.

I try to connect my Windows Client to a PostgreSQL in the CF PaaS Cloud.

Is phpPGAdmin the only Tool to access and manage an PostgreSQL in CF PaaS Cloud or are there other solutions?

Is there also an How-To or Tutorial fot these PostgreSQL-Management Tool ?

Thank you!!

Lukas Klein

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