Support for Xenial is ending in April

David Stevenson

CF Community Folks -

We want to make you aware that Canonical is ending community support for Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) on April 30th, 2021. Canonical will stop releasing public patches according to their policy, so no further Xenial stemcells will be created on after this date. The existing stemcells will remain available for download. In order to continue receiving important security updates, BOSH deployments will need to use Bionic stemcells or build custom Xenial stemcells via the Canonical Extended Support and Maintenance release channel (good through 2024). ESM is free for small-scale community installations or available for purchase through a Canonical support plan.

Bionic stemcells have been available on in beta form since October 2020, and there has been progress on Bionic validation of CF deployment over the last few months. The BOSH engineering team, mostly staffed by VMware engineering over the last year, has several items already prioritized ahead of Bionic support. These priorities mean that Bionic might not be rolled out by the end of April. I am personally delighted that several folks from IBM and SAP have stepped up to complete this effort! They are driving both the GA release for Bionic stemcells and the migration of cf-deployment to Bionic. Stay tuned for an update from this initiative shortly!

-David Stevenson

VMware Engineering Tech Lead

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