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Chris Clark


One thing to clarify... for anyone looking to sign the new CCLA on behalf of their company, here are explicit instructions. We'd emailed all previous "CLA managers" who'd signed the old CLA, but I realize some of those folks might no longer be an active contact:  

· Please log in with, or create your Linux Foundation Account, and go to the corporate CLA dashboard here:

· Click "Get Started" and select your company from the list or create a new company

· On the next screen, click "Sign New CLA" at the top.

· Select "Cloud Foundry - Series LLCs" from the list.

· You may click "Yes" to sign the CCLA, or "No" to send it to someone in your company with corporate authority.

· Once signed, please re-add your GitHub organization or individual contributors to the approved list for the new "Cloud Foundry - Series LLCs" CLA. 

On Tue, Jan 5, 2021 at 11:36 AM Chris Clark via <> wrote:

Hello all,

On January 1, 2021, the Cloud Foundry Foundation changed the corporate structure used to support the organization, and is now a directed fund within the Linux Foundation. This means we’ve had to make some small revisions to our Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

This new agreement is substantively very similar to the last one, except for these minor changes: 

  • updates to references to the legal entities receiving the contributions

  • removal of extraneous schedules at the end of the CCLA

  • clearer references to the use of EasyCLA and process for each company to maintain the list of their authorized contributors

You will likely want to consult with your legal department if you have any questions about the CCLA text itself.

If you are a CLA manager for your respective company, we’ve already reached out to you directly, with instructions asking you to sign the new Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA), and add the same people and groups you had previously added to the approved list for your company. This should just take a few minutes, and, given the minor change to the previous agreement should hopefully be quickly approved by your legal department as needed :)

If you are covered under an existing Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA), your company will need to take the steps outlined above before your pull requests go through.  

If you have signed an Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA), you’ll be prompted to resign the next time a pull request goes into a Cloud Foundry repository. This only takes a minute or two. 

We’ll be crossing over to the new CLA later this week; please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Chris Clark
Technical Operations Manager
Cloud Foundry Foundation

Chris Clark
Technical Operations Manager
Cloud Foundry Foundation

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