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The Open Service Broker api (OSB) is a very powerful standard. The cloud service broker now enables authors to leverage the large ecosystem of terraform providers in order to easily surface associated underlying services to OSB clients (cloudfoundry and kubernetes). This further strengthens the existing rich OSB ecosystem (see related recent PR at [1] as an attempt to make this ecosystem more easily discoverable by the community).

Orange had already a great experience with the cloud service broker for internal use cases. We're very happy that the CSB project joined the CFF and are eager to further contribute to the project in various ways (documentation, product ideas, as well as new features and bug fixes). Thanks to Google and Vmware for this great community contribution!

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Congratulations to Omer and the rest of the CSB project team!


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Let's warmly welcome the Cloud Service Broker project into the Cloud Foundry Extensions PMC!

Cloud Service Broker is an OSBAPI broker that uses Brokerpaks to expose services via Terraform. The project is led by Omer Bensaadon from VMware. We didn't get any feedback during the (admittedly short) proposal phase for this, so if any Extensions PMC project leads have any objections, please contact me directly on Slack or via email.


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