Re: Feature Narrative: Fine-granular & custom platform roles for Cloud Foundry

Guillaume Berche

Thanks Stephan for this proposal. I'm concerned that adding new roles will further increase complexity and degrade UX. This will likely increase the current feeling of combinatorial explosion when reading the role reference table [1]. I've contributed detailed comments in the documents to proceed as a community with analysing related use-cases and try to converge to a better proposal from the UX perspective.

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On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 5:26 PM Klevenz, Stephan <stephan.klevenz@...> wrote:

Hi CF,


Here is a feature narrative and it is called "Fine-granular & custom platform roles for Cloud Foundry".


This proposal is the result of direct feedback we have received from many CF users. It addresses the problem that every space developer can delete a service. And there may be important data attached to this service. Oops.

Comments, feedback, suggestions, and questions very welcome and appreciated!






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