Stratos 4.2.0 Release

Richard Cox

Hi All,

It gives me great pleasure to announce Stratos 4.2.0.

This release includes the new Kubernetes and Helm extensions. These have been donated to the Cloud Foundry Foundation by SUSE and with this release are now part of upstream Stratos. What does this mean? You can now....
  • Connect to multiple Kubernetes clusters, browse resources and with the Stratos Metrics component see cluster metrics.
  • Connect multiple Helm Repositories and Artifact Hub to browse Helm Charts and view their details.
  • Install a Helm Chart and easily providing configuration values.
  • Browse Kubernetes Workloads and dive into their details.

We welcome your feedback, comments and bug reports. Please feel free to raise them in github ( or reach out directly to us in slack (#stratos).

For those that would like to learn more about the new Kubernetes and Helm features we encourage attending one of our sessions at the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit.

Richard Cox
on behalf of the Stratos team

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