cf-for-k8s branch updates

Andrew Costa <ancosta@...>

Hello cf-for-k8s users of cf-dev,

As part of the preparation for the 1.0 release of cf-for-k8s, the Release Integration team is making some changes to the branches of the repository. This may require action for consumers of the repository the rely on either of the changing branches.

  1. The default branch of the repository is now `develop` instead of `master`
  2. The `master` branch from which releases are made is renamed to `main`
We don't expect this to be a particularly disruptive change for our current users but do expect CI resources consuming the repository by the default or `master` branch instead of release tags will need to be updated to consume the `main` branch.

If you have any concerns, please reach out to us in the #cf-for-k8s slack channel.

Andrew and Dave (CF Release Integration team)

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