Virtual Unconference at the CF Summit Europe

Ivana Scott

Hi all,

The Unconference is back at CF Summit Europe 2020, on Tuesday 20th October, 6pm CEST. If you would like to attend, please register for the summit so you can access both events. 

We'll have talks (please submit proposals), and more importantly open space discussions (suggest topics too, please) where you can chat with peers about the hottest issues in the ecosystem.

At the Unconference we want to give talks that weren't accepted at the summit a second chance, along with talks that are off-the-wall. The Unconference is also a great friendly crowd for new speakers. Please get involved.
  • Register for the CF Summit Europe 2020 Unconference: Register
  • Submit proposals for talks at the Unconference: Here
  • Suggest open space topics to discuss: Here
Thank you

Best Regards,
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