Re: UAA api /introspect does not seem to be workign as expected #uaa

Jeremy Morony

Hi Viraj,

I couldn't replicate the issue you've described.  While logs are always helpful, more helpful would be a small set up replicating the issue. For example, this is what I did to replicate your issue using the UAA in development:

./gradlew clean run
uaac target http://localhost:8080/uaa
uaac token client get admin
uaac client add introspect-test --scope uaa.none --authorized_grant_types client_credentials --authorities uaa.resource
uaac token owner get cf marissa -p koala --scope uaa.user
uaac contexts #extract marissa's access token
uaac token client get introspect-test
uaac curl --trace /introspect -X POST -d "token=marissas-access-token"

  "active": true // other claims omitted

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I upgraded to the latest UAA version 74.24.0 and I still see the same issue. Is there something I can provide from logs that might help ? 


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