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This is a great outcome. The point that Dieu raised about anyone in the community being able to step in to become the maintainer of a CFF project when an existing project's committers want to move the code to the attic is exactly the right way for everyone to think about how the community should be operating!

The TL;DR part is above... below is more background for future situations. Feel free to ignore this part if you don't care about questions if intellectual property management.

Dieu's point about moving a project out of the CFF managed orgs is important. The CFF itself as a non-profit corporation is here for the entire community's benefit primarily as a place to share intellectual property (amongst other functions). In order to protect the community, our bylaws require that the board of directors approve any asset transfers (which includes intellectual property, like copyrights). In practice this has meant that we have avoided moving repos from a CFF managed GH org to any other GH org. This has, in the past, resulted in a move to the attic and then a fork from that attic copy for the code to evolve elsewhere.

In digging deeper into that scenario, there is (were we to ever want to do something like move a repo to a non-CFF org) an approach we *can* use that would allow issue / PR history to be retained. Essentially, the CFF won't "dispose" of the copyright held on the collective work (this is the term used when a CLA assigns rights to contributions, then an org copyrights the whole codebase). However, we license that collective work to the public via the ASLv2. In doing so, we are licensing forks to use and modify the code in any way a person or company would want. That means someone can fork a CFF project and continue development in a new direction. To make this easier in cases where we might want to help that fork become the canonical home of the code long term, we can (1) modify the CFF version's NOTICE file to note an end date to the CFF copyright, (2) fork the repo into the attic (so that we have a retained copy), and then (3) *move* the repo to the intended target (which lets a non-CFF community continue work).

Things do get much more complex when a project has a name, which is considered a trademark. I won't get into that scenario here though... that's for another time.

All that said, no reason to not continue developing the repos in question as CFF projects if there is someone willing to do so.

Thanks Dr. Nic!

Chip Childers
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On Wed, Aug 12, 2020 9:55 PM, Dr Nic Williams drnicwilliams@... wrote:

Correct; I don’t need the repos to be moved.

On Thu, 13 Aug 2020 at 7:48 am, Dieu Cao <dieuc@...> wrote:


Just wanted to clarify that I believe as far as CF repo lifecycle, we can't simply transfer repos over to the cff-community github org.

Chip, can you confirm/deny that?

In this scenario, I'd like to propose an alternative, that if Dr. Nic, or someone else is interested in taking over maintenance of these repos, that we work through how to do that in the context of the CFF canonical repos and processes, perhaps in the extensions


Assuming that's correct, Dr. Nic, would you be interested in being a maintainer for those repos in that context?


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Moving cf-uaa-lib & omniauth-uaa-oauth2 into the community org sounds good. Thank you for offering to maintain these

repos, Nic.

I have reached out to the teams that rely on cf-uaa-lib. They do still rely on it, but they didn't express any concerns with the proposed move.

I think we can orchestrate this move sooner than the 11/1 date I originally proposed. How about 9/4? This will allow any other community members a chance to voice any opinions.



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Subject: Re: [cf-dev] Some supporting UAA projects moving to the attic


Can you please move the middle two Ruby client libraries into cf community org instead of the attic; and make me a rubygem owner so I can cut gem releases in future?

I am the last maintainer of omniauth; and I think I had some unmerged PRs for cf-uaa-lib that I’ll merge and release.

I thought ccng (and perhaps bosh director) was using cf-uaa-lib — did they move to another library or still using it?


On Thu, 6 Aug 2020 at 5:31 am, Jeremy Morony <jmorony@...> wrote:


The UAA team has been taking inventory of the projects it maintains. We've decided to end support for a few of those projects:

We plan on moving these projects into the attic on 11/1/2020. If anybody in the community is interested in maintaining one of these projects, please reach out and let's talk.


  The UAA team.


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Dr Nic Williams
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twitter @drnic

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