Re: Some supporting UAA projects moving to the attic

Dr Nic Williams <drnicwilliams@...>

Can you please move the middle two Ruby client libraries into cf community org instead of the attic; and make me a rubygem owner so I can cut gem releases in future?

I am the last maintainer of omniauth; and I think I had some unmerged PRs for cf-uaa-lib that I’ll merge and release.

I thought ccng (and perhaps bosh director) was using cf-uaa-lib — did they move to another library or still using it?


On Thu, 6 Aug 2020 at 5:31 am, Jeremy Morony <jmorony@...> wrote:


The UAA team has been taking inventory of the projects it maintains. We've decided to end support for a few of those projects:

We plan on moving these projects into the attic on 11/1/2020. If anybody in the community is interested in maintaining one of these projects, please reach out and let's talk.


  The UAA team.

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