Re: The V7 CF CLI is now GA!

Dieu Cao

Congrats! Huge milestone and awesome effort from everyone involved!


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Congrats to the team past and present!


On Sat, 27 Jun 2020 at 8:42 am, Josh Collins <collinsjo@...> wrote:
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening & happy Friday to you all,

The cf CLI team GA'd the v7 CF CLI yesterday in the late afternoon. 
We're simultaneously excited, relieved, and exhausted by our efforts over the last couple months and we invite you to join us as we take (v)7 deep breaths to rightly mark this occasion.

Please see the release notes for details.

And as always, we really would love to hear from you so please feel free to respond to this email or find us in the Cloud Foundry Slack #cli channel any time.

Because this is kind of a big deal, some acknowledgements are in order...

We wouldn't be here without dedicated users and contributors; all your feedback, your issues, your pull requests and your valuable time taken to help us gain insight into what matters most. 

Your engagement has been invaluable. And we look forward to our continued work and collaboration in the future. Thank you!

And it took a great deal of work from people on the cf CLI, V3 Acceleration and Services API teams (as well as many others) to deliver the new CLI. 

Based on a review of Git commits, we've put together a list of folks we'd like to acknowledge (if a name is missing, please know we appreciate you in spirit).

Thank you all very muchPiyali Banerjee, Alexander Berezovsky, Alex Blease, George Blue, Seth Boyles, Connor Braa, Florian Braun, Winna Bridgewater, Andrew Brown, André Browne, Marcela Campo, Abby Chau, Renee Chu, Greg Cobb, Josh Collins, Emina Cosic, Andrew Crump, Brian Cunnie, Tim Downey, Derik Evangelista, Daniel Fein, Oleksii Fedorov, Weyman Fung, Anand Gaitonde, Jenna Goldstrich, Nick Guerette, Leah Hanson, Spencer Hawley, Michelle He, Chris Hendrix, Sannidhi Jalukar, Rob Jones, Mike Kenyon, Aarti Kriplani, Merric de Launey, Joao Lebre, Diego Lemos, Belinda Liu, Georgi Lozev, Will Martin, Felisia Martini, Niki Maslarski, Nikolay Maslarski, Andres Medina, Reid Mitchell, Mona Mohebbi, Magesh Murali Kumar, Will Murphy, Harsha Nandiwada, Supraja Narasimhan, Joseph Palermo, James Palmer, Will Pragnell, Eric Promislow, Zach Robinson, Luan Santos, Simon Seif, Chris Selzo, Alex Shan, Brendan Smith, Henry Stanley, Teal Stannard, Steve Taylor, Aditya Tripathi, Sebastian Vidrio, Thomas Viehman, Nicholas Webb, Sarah Weinstein, Eli Wrenn

Have a great weekend!
CF CLI and V3 Acceleration teams

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