Re: Proposal to Rename the Primary Branch on all Cloud Foundry repos

Marco Voelz

Hi everyone,


I really appreciate this effort, thanks Dieu for bringing this up! From reading this thread I get the understanding that we're now already discussing what the best name for the bfkam (branch formally known as master) would be, given each team's specific interpretation and usage of that very branch.


While I'm all for discussions to reach a reasonable consensus, this already starts to look a lot like bikeshedding to me: We're talking about personal and team preferences, tailored to specific needs and usage. Given that for years noone bothered to look at the name more closely to consider renaming it to something different than 'master', I'm hoping that we can cut this discussion short and find a quick agreement on what the new name should be. Ideally across all CFF projects, at least within a PMC.


I'm voting +1 on 'main' for now, to reach this agreement more quickly. I'd be fine if any other name makes it as well, if that matters.


Thanks and warm regards



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I too agree with Jesse that in repos where you have `master` and `develop` branches, renaming `master` to `release` is more clear than using `main`.


For repos that have just a single trunk branch I have a slight personal preference for `latest`, as it mirrors the tag typically used to identify the latest build of a container image.


`main` also still has a connotation of being superior to the others (additional/auxiliary/supplemental/subordinate/???), which `latest` doesn't, imho.


"I've tested against the `latest` branch, and the issue is still reproducible" sounds descriptive to me.


Just using `develop` as the only branch could work too. E.g. UAA only uses `develop` and hasn't pushed to `master` since 2018, so you could just delete their `master` and nobody would notice... :)




On Jun 24, 2020, at 11:33 AM, Caroline Taymor via <> wrote:


I agree with Jesse. Renaming from `master` is a great idea which I strongly support. `main` is similar but more inclusive, but perhaps we can take the opportunity to increase the semantic meaning of the branch names.



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Could we consider using `develop` (and/or, where appropriate, `release` and version-specific branches) instead?


In addition to being problematic, `master` is confusing, as it means different things in different processes.


`develop`/`release` makes it clear what branch you're supposed to push/merge to.


As an example, `cf-deployment` currently has `develop` and `master`, with `master` being effectively a release branch - all releases are ff-only merges tagged on `master` with a version number. `main` would be less clear than `release` in this case - and, I suspect, in many others.

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Hi all, 


I am also in support of this change after enquiring on slack.






On Tue, 23 Jun 2020 at 23:06, Dieu Cao <dieuc@...> wrote:

Hey all,

I would like to propose that the cloud foundry projects rename the primary branch on all and repos to “main” as part of Cloud Foundry’s commitment to an inclusive and welcoming community.

I believe some project teams independently have plans to invest in making this change.

Thoughts? Feedback?




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