Proposal to retire the Perm project in the App Runtime PMC

Eric Malm

Hi, everyone,

I'm proposing to retire the incubating Perm project in the App Runtime PMC and to move its associated repos to the cloudfoundry-attic GitHub organization. We will plan to discuss and approve the proposal at the June 23rd App Runtime PMC meeting.

For context, the Perm project started in 2017 with the goal of providing a general authorization service for Cloud Foundry that could absorb and extend the authorization roles currently encoded in Cloud Controller. On account of difficulties integrating with the v2 Cloud Controller API, the project was placed on hiatus in late 2018, where it has remained to date. Although making authorization in the Cloud Foundry App Runtime more flexible and independent of existing components remains an important goal for the project, continual evolution in the identity space and the ongoing transition of the App Runtime to Kubernetes make it likely that any new efforts to achieve that goal will rely more directly on other community projects and technologies, such as the Open Policy Agent or Kubernetes RBAC itself.

Eric Malm, App Runtime PMC Lead

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