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Thanks Dr Max for everything you’ve done — and all the photos!

Dr Nic

On Fri, 1 May 2020 at 8:33 am, Michael Maximilien <maxim@...> wrote:

Hi, all,

After four years (almost) at the helm of CF Extensions, I am announcing that I am stepping down as the lead. I believe the time is ripe as CF is transitioning to new waters and since I am less involved with the projects these days, it's time for someone else to take over and steer us to greener pastures.

I took on the CF Extensions lead role when none existed at the end of 2016. I remember, like yesterday, when Sam asked me to start an Extensions PMC for Cloud Foundry during our summit in Frankfurt. Since then, we have added close to 20 extensions projects with many having graduated and a few fading away. Exactly what we envisioned, so for that I am happy and thankful to your participation and contributions.

Overall, I feel positive and hopeful that better days are ahead for CF and this community. You have a vibrant group of contributors and excellent committed leadership in the Cloud Foundry Foundation. I will miss the kindness, brersity, and excellence that this community has always strived to achieve and uphold.

That said, I will not be far away. I am still involved in OSS for IBM and will be happy to help in any way I can, when you need me. Swarna will be sending a separate email to look for volunteers and elect a leader.

With that, my little TBT present to you are the following curated photographs I have taken of you during our time together at the many CF Summits, CF days, and events all across the world.

From some of the first CF Summit NA: Santa Clara in
2015-16-17; to CF Summit Asia in Shanghai 2016; to CF Days: Pune, India 2016, Misk, Belarus 2016, London 2018, NY 2018, and Copenhagen 2018; to CF Summit Europe: Frankfurt 2016, Basel 2017-2018, Den Haag 2019; and most recently CF Summit NA: Boston 2018 and Philadelphia 2019.

You've often seen me with a camera in hand shooting away. So here's the main reason, to allow us to remember, to look back, and to reminisce a bit on the great memories, fun times, and lasting friendships we have forged in this community. With that, here are two curated sets of what I believe are my most memorable and best 150 photographs of Cloud Foundry community events and members. Hope you like:

50 B&amp;W:
100 Color:

PS: While I took care to select the best photos, I can fully understand if there is a photo of you, or that you are in a photo, that you do not like or rather I not share. Please let me know and I will remove ASAP.
Also, to respect the privacy of all, I ask you to get permissions before re-sharing, of course, if the photograph includes someone other than yourself. In my experience most people agree, so just ask.

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