Re: Announcing Cloud Foundry CLI v7 Release Plan

Stefan Mayr

Hi Josh

Am 27.04.2020 um 18:13 schrieb Josh Collins:
Dear Cloud Foundry Community,

We are nearing the completion of the v7 CF CLI and we’re excited to
announce that we’ll be cutting our GA release soon!
This is fantastic news. Our developers are waiting for some of the
experimental v3-commands to be replaced with stable CLI v7 commands.

The exact target date for the launch hasn’t been finalized but because
transitioning from v6 to v7 will require coordination and planning we’re
sending an initial heads up. We'll send follow ups to this communication
once the launch date and associated details become concrete.


In case you haven’t been following the development of the v7 CLI
closely, here’s three of many new capabilities that will become
available when v7 GAs:


Rolling Deploys
the "--strategy" flag for "cf push" and other commands


<>apply labels
and annotations to apps, spaces, organizations, and other resources


Sidecar Processes
applications using application manifests

How about manifest files? Do we have to expect any manifest syntax or
naming changes? Will some of the new CLI features also be available in
the manifest?



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