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Juan Pablo Genovese

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2015-07-23 17:31 GMT-03:00 Dieu Cao <dcao(a)>:

On behalf of the CAPI team I'm pleased to announce support for Arbitrary
Parameters and Service Instance Tags, two features which extend the
possibilities for Cloud Foundry Marketplace service offerings, and provide
developers with increased flexibility in how services are consumed by

Support for Arbitrary Parameters is introduced with cf-release v209 and
CLI v6.12.1. This features enables service providers to support
user-provided configuration options with the create, update, and bind
service instance operations, and the create service key operation (stay
tuned for a forthcoming announcement of support for Service Keys).
Previously, this could only be achieved by providing many plans to cover
various combinations of configuration options, or to provide a service
instance dashboard that users can SSO into and adjust configuration options
after creation. Although the platform and CLI now support the feature,
service broker authors must implement support for the feature as described
in the Service Broker API v2.5 specification

Support for Instance Tags is introduced with cf-release v211 and CLI
v6.12.1. Since v2.0 of the Service Broker API, broker authors have be able
to provide tags for a service offering in the /v2/catalog endpoint that
Cloud Foundry delivers to applications in the VCAP_SERVICES Environment
These tags provide developers with a more generic way for applications to
parse VCAP_SERVICES for credentials. Developers may now provide their own
tags when creating or updating a service instance by including a
comma-separated list of tags with the -t flag.




Special thanks to the former CF Services API team and Shannon for their
hard work on these features.


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