Re: Deprecation of cf-syslog-drain-release

Stephan Merker

Hi Jesse,


Do you have a rough schedule when you want to remove the adapters and disable cf-syslog-drain release in cf-deployment? Is it in weeks or months?

Will there be an ops file to opt out of the new architecture for some time once it got the default?


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From: cf-dev@... <cf-dev@...> On Behalf Of Jesse Weaver
Sent: Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2020 21:58
To: cf-dev@...
Subject: [cf-dev] Deprecation of cf-syslog-drain-release


As previously announced [1], the Loggregator team has developed a new way to forward application logs over syslog using agents, rather than centralized adapters. This new approach can scale to higher log volume and numbers of app drains, and allows log egress from CloudFoundry without any dependence on the Loggregator firehose.

We have had an ops file[2] to switch to this new architecture in cf-deployment for some time, and are working to make it the default in a coming major version of cf-deployment. This would mean the removal of the scalable-syslog architecture, with its schedulers and adapters, and the cf-syslog-drain release.

Once this has been released, we would like to mark the cf-syslog-drain release as deprecated, and halt development.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.


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