Re: New CLA tool for Cloud Foundry

Chris Clark

Hi all,

I’ve got a few updates to the EasyCLA migration, now a few months behind us:

 We’ve removed the prompt to click on “CFF Migration” for previously whitelisted contributors. We’ll be deprecating this shortly, as it was intended as a temporary bridge to minimize disruption to contributors and avoid having covered committers and companies re-sign a CLA. At this point we assume the vast majority of active committers has already signed up with EasyCLA (anyone who has a commit since October has, and that's over 500 committers). Going forward, we’ll ask everyone else to sign a new CLA, which should only take a minute or two. 

Previously, the cloudfoundry and cloudfoundry-incubator GitHub orgs had been whitelisted. This should not have been the case. While the majority of these orgs’ members are covered by an existing CCLA or ICLA, membership in those orgs alone should not exempt committers from being covered by a CLA. Going forward, these orgs will not be whitelisted… so, if you’ve authorized EasyCLA with "CFF Migration" and your whitelisting was based on membership in one of these orgs alone, you may need to re-authorize EasyCLA and select your employer's CCLA, or sign an ICLA. Either way, this should just take a couple minutes.

Bots: If you have an issue with a CI (or any other) bot that makes commits (and therefore will trigger the CLA check), please open a ticket with LF IT (the EasyCLA app will prompt this in the GitHubPR), and they should be able to take care of this for you.

Please reach out to me, or LF IT, if you have any questions, issues, or feedback. Thank you again for your patience with all this!  



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