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Hi, Daniel,

In general, "PAS" refers to VMware's commercial distribution of CFAR. "PAS4K8s" is shorthand for the K8s-targeted version currently under pre-GA development, and "PAS4BOSH" is the parallel construction referring specifically to the current BOSH-based product. As with Pivotal/VMware's previous commercialized CFAR products, we intend to build PAS4K8s on top of project development taking place openly in the CFF community.

That said, I would encourage commentary on the document to focus on contributions to and development of those CFF projects, and not to any vendor-specific concerns or products.


On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 2:00 AM Daniel Jones <daniel.jones@...> wrote:
Hi all,

Would it be possible for someone from VMware MAPBU to clarify a few terms for the benefit of the community?
  • Is PAS4BOSH a synonym for CF as currently packaged? Do y'all use the terms interchangeably?
  • Is PAS4K8s simply CF packaged in a Kubernetes-native format, or something else? 
  • Should the community pay heed to discussions about PAS4K8s because that will affect/trickle down to open source CF, or is this proprietary-only code forevermore?
  • Is TKG in any way related to the OSS CF community, or is this an internal project that we should disregard as none of our business?
These questions came up as a result of reading the comments on CF-RFC 030:
  • "are we sure we want to invest that much time and effort in CF?"
  • "Would we imagine doing this in PAS4BOSH? [...] Or maybe just going forward for PAS4K8s and TKG work"
  • "I imagined this only for CF (not PAS4K8S)"
  • "Many teams are shifting focus to PAS4BOSH" (assuming this is a typo and the author meant PAS4K8s)
It's great that folks are having these discussions in the open, and I wouldn't want to discourage this from happening. I also appreciate that things are probably in flux and being figured out currently.

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