cf7 CLI beta.26, roadmap, and deprecation of custom client workflows

Abby Chau

Hi everyone,

We've released cf7 CLI beta.26! Here are some highlights:
  • support for adding labels to resources so that you can tag and track resources. For example: add labels to track billing and usage, or add labels to your app such as commits, environment information, etc
  • support for rolling deployments on cf restart - now you can restart your application without incurring downtime
  • support for --origin on delete-user; if you are using external identity providers, you can use this new flag in order to disambiguate the user you want to delete from the UAA internal data store
See release notes here for more information including a large refactoring effort for cf login, and many new commands now backed by the v3 API. 

Important note:

This release does not include the Windows installer because we are working on renewing the cert. We are currently working to include the Windows installer in the next release. 

Deprecation Announcement for Custom Client Workflow

This release adds a deprecation notice to login and auth for "custom client workflows". In an early version of the cf CLI, support was added to allow users to extend their refresh token using the config.json. If users require a longer-lived token, see the UAAC docs on how to do so. Instead of this workflow, use the cf auth command instead for pipeline-related use cases. More details can be found in the release notes above. 

New Roadmap Details in GitHub Projects

We've added our roadmap information to GitHub so that you folks are able to review our current priorities for the next few months. We've also added a section where we are hoping to get feedback from you for items under consideration. 

We plan on releasing cf CLI v6.47 soon, which will include the login work. cf CLI v6.47 will also not include the Windows Installer but we hope to it include soon. In the meantime, do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback. We hang out in Cloud Foundry Slack #cli. Have a good weekend.


Abby, the v3 Acceleration and cf CLI teams

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