cf-networking-release & silk-release 2.24.0!

Aidan Obley <aobley@...>

Hello cf-dev!

CF-Networking-Release v2.24.0

Release Highlights

  • Upgrade cf-cli bosh release to v1.16 for latest fixes details
  • Clients of policy server external API receive a strict-transport-security header on HTTP requests details
  • Policy Server External API can be configured to listen using TLS details

Manifest Property Changes

Job Property 2.22.0 Default 2.23.0 Default
policy-server enable_tls did not exist false
policy-server server_cert did not exist
policy-server server_key did not exist

Silk-Release v2.24.0

Release Highlights

  • Fix: cloudfoundry/silk-release #13: Rate Limiting causes apps to become unresponsive even after no traffic details

The Networking Program

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