Discontinuation of the Bits-Service

Peter Goetz <peter.gtz@...>

Hello CF community,

The Bits-Service team has decided to discontinue the development of the Bits-Service.

The reasons for this are many-fold, but can be summarized by a major push towards container standards like Kubernetes in recent years. With this, we are seeing a shift from packages and buildpacks producing droplets, to new Cloud Native Buildpacks producing OCI images. The CF Buildpacks team is actively investigating options for integrating Cloud Native Buildpacks into Cloud Foundry to provide a next-generation build experience. We hope to have more information available about this shortly. 

Furthermore, there is currently no plan to implement direct communication between Bits-Service and the cf CLI. Without this direct communication, there is not much benefit in having the Bits-Service.

What do you need to do?

  • If you have never used the cf-deployment/operations/bits-service/use-bits-service.yml, there is nothing to do.

  • If you are using cf-deployment/operations/bits-service/use-bits-service.yml or any other file in that folder, we recommend you remove these operations from your deployment. Since the Bits-Service uses the same blobstore as Cloud Controller, the deactivation should be seamless.

Eirini OCI Image Registry

The Bits-Service currently still serves as an OCI image registry for Eirini, and for that reason, we will provide some basic maintenance support until Eirini has also migrated away from Bits-Service. For the time being, we’re happy to merge PRs and make releases where it is necessary to support Eirini.

If there is anyone in the community with an interest to continue active development of the Bits-Service, we’ll be happy to transfer ownership.

Thank you,

Peter Goetz, Bits-Service PM

Elliott Shanks, CF Buildpacks PM

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