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Mike Lloyd <mike@...>



I would like to second Guillaume’s statement; if it’s too difficult to use the native Github constructs for greater discoverability, then Pivotal Tracker is fine.






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Hi Elisabeth,


Thanks for your prompt reply and action to improve things!


Regarding github vs pivotal tracker preference:


I believe that what matters most is that the content that the CRCF team produces be shared with the rest of the community as to enable best collaboration. With other CFF teams, this typically includes epics, stories with their associated design discussions/docs, milestones, weekly planned and completed work (usually with associated story points), story life cycle through its status (delivered, accepted, rejected, ...)


If there is a way the CFCR team can share this content on github that would be easier for the community: github content is more discoverable through web search, can be crossed referenced from other github projects, and accepts community inputs. See related email thread [1] regarding an experiment my team conducted a few years back to automatically mirror pivotal tracker content onto github.

If instead CRCR team only manages to share a smaller fraction of its content onto github and the rest remains unavailable to the community, then I believe a single public pivotal tracker would be more beneficial to the community.


Thanks again,





On Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 3:54 AM Elisabeth Hendrickson <ehendrickson@...> wrote:

Hi Guillaume,

Thank you so much for raising this issue. You're right - the public backlog is not being kept up to date right now and we need to fix that. We are working to bring the details of the work to a more public place so it is more easily visible. We are hoping to have that finished by the end of next week.

We're currently debating whether to use github issues or Pivotal Tracker. I'm curious if you have a preference?

Many thanks for raising this concern,


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