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Hi everyone! We are looking for testers for the new CFCD version 2 exam, which is set to launch in the fall of this year. There's no cost, and if you pass you will be awarded the certification when final cut scores are determined and the exam is launched. Depending on response rate, we may or may not be able to use everyone that signs up. If you sign up and we don't use you during the testing process, we will provide you with a discount code to take the final version post launch.
CFCD v2 Tester Signup
We are working to launch a version 2 of the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer certification exam in the fall of this year (2019). As part of the process, we are looking for willing individuals to take an early version of the exam. Candidates that take the exam as part of the testing process, and score an acceptable score, will be awarded the v2 certification when launched.

If you are willing to take the exam, as well as provide feedback to the exam development team, please let us know!

We will only use your contact information for the purpose of coordinating the testing process, getting feedback and awarding certifications to those that pass.
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