Re: Integration of UAA with Kerberos #uaa #kerberos

Camilo Aguilar

If you don’t have a SAML provider already in place, I would rather use Keycloak.

The SAML provider we used was our customer’s Active Directory Federated Services. We used UAA to not have to integrate our apps with SAML and Kerberos, which was our customer’s authentication and authorization solution. 

On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 10:55 AM Enrique Cano <enrique.canocarballar@...> wrote:
Thanks, Camilo, that's very interesting and helpful. So, it's possible to do it, we just need to have a SAML provider integrated with Kerberos, and then we can integrate UAA with that SAML provider, is that correct? What SAML provider did you use?

Many thanks


Camilo Aguilar
Software Engineer

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