CF CLI v6.44.0

Brendan Smith <brsmith@...>

We released! 🎉

Highlights of our current release notes

  • Client credentials update to address security concerns
  • Deprecation Notice for some subcommands
  • Using client credential for setting org and space roles
  • Minimum Version Warning
  • Built with Golang 1.12.1 
  • New Translations

Thomas Viehman, Will Murphy, Brendan Smith, Abby Chau, Andrew Crump, Alexander Berezovsky, SAPI team (Aarti Kriplani, Alex Blease, George Blue, Georgi Lozev, Henry Stanley, Nikolay Maslarski, Will Martin) for all the services-related work, Simon Seif (thanks for the pull request!), V3 Acceleration Team

Thanks all!

Brendan and the CF CLI team

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