Re: windows installed cf-cli failed


On Sun, 28 Apr 2019 at 17:24, Kou, Guanghai <guanghai.kou@...> wrote:

Hi cf-dev team

I need your help.

I installed the cf-cli  with the steps of -> Windows Installation.

But the result is failed. Please check the result-picture.

Hey there. 

Your installation has succeeded. Your problem is happening when running the now-installed tool. 

I’ve observed this previously when a windows profile has its home directory set to a network drive which is inaccessible from its current location or network. 

If you cannot access the Z: drive, set the CF_HOME environment variable to a drive and directory which you *can* access.

For more in-depth help, your local IT team will be your best place to ask. 

Jonathan Matthews
London, UK

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