Re: How to run strace within cf droplet

Giuseppe Capizzi


So, I have a strange problem going on in my CF container. I can "cf ssh appname" into it and reproduce it with command line. I was hoping to run strace on it, but when I run it I get

"PTRACE_TRACEME doesn't work: Operation not permitted"
This is expected, as we drop the `CAP_SYS_PTRACE` capability for our
unprivileged containers, and every container created through `cf push`
is unprivileged by default.

This is a dev instance, I don't mind if I break things. Is there a way to enable PTRACE_TRACEME so I can run strace?
You *could* enable privileged containers, see the dedicated
cf-deployment opsfile [1] for details.


Hope it helps!
Giuseppe Capizzi

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