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Elliott Shanks

Hey all, I wanted to spend a little bit of time to give everyone a little idea of what is going on around buikldpacks as of late. We have a lot of interesting things happening on the team and would love to hear thoughts/feedback from the community. We are also happy just to be able to provide the community with some insight into the ongoing efforts around buildpacks and CF.

Stack Auditor

If you haven’t heard, the cflinuxfs2 rootfs is being deprecated as we speak and is being replaced by cflinuxfs3. The buildpacks team has created the Stack Auditor tool (cf-cli plugin) to assist with migration. It has been used heavily and we are seeing some very promising results. With that being said, the team is continuing to build out additional functionality for the tool based on end user feedback.

Please feel free to recommend the Stack Auditor tool to anyone in need of easing their transition to cflinuxfs3.

Recent Additions:

  • Binaries are now available on github, meaning no workstation setup is required to incorporate the tool on a machine.

  • delete-stack command removes the reference to cflinuxfs2 allowing for an easy removal of the rootfs itself. This command ensures that no apps or buildpacks are associated to the stack prior to de-referencing the stack.

Upcoming Features:

  • Export functionality on the audit-stack command for managers of migrations to keep track of migration progress over time.

  • audit-stack command will show which buildpacks were used for each application in addition to the stack they are running on.

Cloud Native Buildpacks

With the beta release of Cloud Native Buildpacks at CF Summit in Philly, we have seen fantastic interest in the project. The buildpacks team is continuing to break down and build out new Cloud Native Buildpacks (CNBs) to ultimately replace all of the current buildpacks. We are wrapping up full parity for Node.js, diving deeper into the Python CNB, and just started working on the Go CNB.

To give you an idea of just how modular CNBs are becoming, and the freedom to plug and play your needs when using CNBs; see what has become of what was once just a Node.js and Python buildpack:

CNBs for Node.js and Python:





New Relic





This surely won’t be the final list of CNBs that will ultimately replace the current Node and Python buildpacks. Operators now have the ability to create groups of acceptable CNBs so app developers can play nicely within the ecosystem. What once may have required forking a buildpack and ripping out/adding dependencies to fit the organization’s standards, now is as simple as creating a group of approved CNBs.

We now have an official builder image for folks to use CNBs. Feel free to look deeper into how new CNBs and their lifecycle work here:

If you'd like to learn more about Cloud Native Buildpacks, head on over to

CF Buildpacks

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