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Sree Tummidi

This support is not yet available


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On Jul 22, 2015, at 4:35 AM, Daniel Mikusa <dmikusa(a)> wrote:

On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 3:27 AM, Zakharov Alexey <alexey.zakharov(a)> wrote:
Hi guys!
Sorry if my question is newbie or it was discussed before.
I want to use LDAP for users authentication/authorisation. And I’ve
successfully bound CF to LDAP, and managed to configure uaac group mappings.
But then I realised, that there are no way to assign a Role to that group.
'cf set-org-role’ accepts only usernames as parameter, but not groups. I
think assigning Developer role to group is more flexible than assigning is
to every particular user.
Are you going to add this feature later? Or maybe there is an another way
to do group binding?
Have you looked at the `uaac` tool? I'm not quite sure I understand what
you're trying to do, but you can map an LDAP group DN to a UAA group with
`uaac`. Then if a user in that LDAP group logs in, they'll have that uaa
group. Is that what you're looking to do?


uaac group map --name cloud_controller.admin "GROUP-DISTINGUISHED-NAME"

Or are you asking about mapping LDAP groups to CF org & space roles? i.e.
user in ldap group X is automatically given the OrgManager role in org Y.

Hi Dan!
Yes, as I’ve stated before, I’ve already managed to configure group mappings using ‘uaac group map’.
And now I want to bind group members to Organizations and Spaces. Is it possible to do?
Sorry, missed that in your original post. Last I heard no you couldn't do this mapping, but that was a while ago though. Maybe someone on the Identity team could confirm.


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