CF now supports sidecars

Scott Sisil

Hi CF Community,

In the latest release of CAPI we included support for application sidecars. This feature allows you to define a sidecar process that can run alongside another application process you have deployed to CF.  You can learn more here in our docs

This has been a limitation of the platform in the past and one reason customers would choose running an app on K8s vs CF.  If you are unfamiliar with the sidecar design pattern - this article provides a great overview.

Please note this release is very much an alpha version of the sidecar feature and we plan to continue iterating on this to support more use cases moving forward.

If you have any questions about using this new sidecar functionality or have a specific sidecar use case we are not addressing - we would love to chat.  Please reply to this email or reach out to the team on the #capi channel in CF Slack.


Scott Sisil

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