Re: Request for Feedback: Metadata Feature and CLI Options

Stefan Mayr

Hi Abby,

Am 02.03.2019 um 08:28 schrieb Abby Chau:
Hello again,

We are writing to let you know the CF CLI team will be supporting an
upcoming feature, metadata, which allow users to associate resources
with information (labels) to provide human friendly descriptions for
things like managing external system identifiers, tracking owner and
contact information.[1]

For more information regarding the feature, see and provide comments on
this document
Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks again! 



[1] CAPI Feature Narrative
after having seen some more or less elegant workarounds on CF summits we
really appreciate this becoming a native feature for the v3 API. How do
you want to count votes for option #1 or #2? Mailinglist or a comment on
the document? The document is still read-only. Shall we request write
access individually or will it be opened for everyone?

As this proposal worries values consistency of old and new commands I
have to ask one question: cf set-env uses key and value as individual
parameters without an in-between equal-sign. Is there a reason why both
options use one parameter key=value?

- Stefan

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